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Does this sound like you?

Problem #1

You have taken countless online courses. The ones that aren't still sitting in your inbox unread left you with more questions than answers. You were left frustrated and feeling bamboozled.

Problem #2

You need more of a "hold my hand and show me the way" approach to business. Some coaches will shame you for this, but this is my favorite way to teach.

Problem #3

You are easily distracted, you feel unorganized, and you don't know where to begin with your great ideas. You know if you just had the insider advice and tools there would be no stopping you.

Jaye was having the same problems until now...

I had a place I wanted to go. I Didn’t know where it was at or how to get there.

I decided I needed to find me someone to lay out the path. If you know me I’m always hollering

EVERYBODY NEEDS A MILLENNIAL on their squad…so I set out to find a few heavy hitters that could show me “the new way”.

When I start doing the “Jaye” melting down and having tantrums this lady steps in with the calmest detailed resolutions. I’m not easy to impress but when I say this one is the truth… that’s facts.

•Jaye | Chicago

About Brittany

I teach my clients how to navigate these crazy entrepreneur streets. I take everything I've learned building multiple businesses, and help them apply it to their own situations. We use my knowledge of business credit and funding, automation, and delegation to maximize your business income while working less.

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The greatest gift isn't building my own businesses but helping others up the ladder with me.


Brittany Bettini is one of the most inspiring and determined individuals I have ever had the pleasure to encounter. The true definition of a “go-getter” she not only exudes the qualities of a great leader but also that of a wonderful human being. A true angel in business and in life. You are made to change the world. Thank you for all of your help and support in my business endeavors.

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Brittany Bettini has a spirit that will motivate you to climb to greater heights in just one short conversation! She challenges everyone she encounters to be a better version of themselves and let go of anything holding them back. Britt, you are the definition of COLLABORATION OVER COMPETITION! Getting to know you is a blessing. ❤️

Erica Nicole

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Customers can sense when people are truly service-oriented and are drawn to them. Perhaps this has been the greatest component of Bettini’s success.

Victoria Kennedy


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