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Building a successful business requires a lot of hard work, dedication and strategic planning. One of the most important aspects to focus on is marketing and branding your business so it stands out in the marketplace. Creating an effective brand strategy is essential for building long-term relationships with customers, increasing customer loyalty and ensuring your business’ longevity....

Brittany Bettini, forbes

Have you ever had a great idea for a business but didn’t know how to construct that vision? Many people have dreams of starting or running their own business but don’t have the knowledge or experience to do it on their own. That’s where the right business mentor comes in.

Let’s start with a fun fact. Did you know who mentored Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg? Steve Jobs. What about Bill Gates? Did he achieve everything all by himself? No, he didn’t. And guess who his mentor was — the evergreen Warren Buffet....

Brittany Bettini, forbes

For too many companies, customer service is an afterthought. It’s not that it’s not important to founders. It certainly is. But entrepreneurs tend to start the launch process by thinking about what they want to sell and how what the profit margins will be and the logistics of it all.

Then, just before launch, they consider their customer service. Maybe it’s just a single person answering a phone, emails, and social media messages at first, or perhaps it's an elaborate call center with dozens of employees from the outset....

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What's the most valuable thing in the world? Now, if your answer was a materialistic one, you are wrong. Time is the one we are talking about. Ever wondered what the common difference between the business owners who succeed and those who fail is? The answer lies in successfully managing your time....

Solve core employee development

and business challenges

Every employee in your organization can use personalized insights to do better work.

  • Create a blueprint for conflict avoidance.

  • Evaluate candidates' suitability for specific roles and determine their potential fit within the organization's culture.

  • Develop well-balanced teams that connect through their similarities and contribute through their differences.


  • Gain a better understanding of yourself and how you perceive the people around you.

  • Develop tools to help you work effectively with people of all work styles.

  • Create a common language for you and your coworkers to discuss their needs, stressors, and motivators.


  • Reduce turnover by creating a more collaborative, engaging workplace.

  • Create teams that meet their goals and KPIs.

  • Get a pulse on the well-being of the company.

  • Develop your leaders and high-performers in the most effective ways.

Get your team doing better work today.

Igniting your team’s collaborative spark begins with just a few simple steps.

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